Innovative Chatbot Solution for your HR and Talent Management

HRtools offers you an innovative chatbot solution which can be integrated into your existing business processes and individally customized to your needs.

Provide a virtual HR Manager for your employees and applicants.

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  • Innovative Chatbot Technology

    Our virtual assistent is a chatbot based on Messenger technology. The chatbot answers requests around the clock and is able to process information as text, image, video and speech. By default our chatbot can communicate in English and German. Additional languages can be activated individually.

  • Individual Adaptation to your HR Processes

    We adapt our chatbot to your needs. Each Chatbot is individually tailored to your HR processes.

  • Integration and Interfaces

    All information and documents can be individually forwarded to your existing HR software via e-mail, cloud storage or via interface (API).

  • Sickness and Accident Notification

    Our chatbot guides your employees through the sickness and accident notification processes. Your HR department receives all information and documents in a structured way for further processing.

  • Expenses

    Expenses reports can simply submitted via chatbot. The virtual assistent accepts the information and documents and stores or forwards them for further processing.

  • Timekeeping

    Employees can log on and log off via chatbot into the timekeeping system. The logged times are stored and/or forwarded to the internal timekeeping system via interface (API).

  • Ordering Work Certificates and Conformations

    Our virtual assistent can be used to order documents, official forms, as well as work certificates and conformations. The responsible staff member or team receives the corresponding order for further processing.

  • Employee Surveys

    Our chatbot can easily be used to create surveys. The results can be anonymized and the data can be transferred into software for evaluation.

  • First Level Support and FAQ

    Our virtual assistant is able to answer HR related questions and to integrate the FAQ. If requested a live chat with an HR staff member can be started at any time.

Recruitment and Candidate Managment

For applicants, a separate recruitment bot can be activated. Applicants can find out about the company, register for newsletters/ job mailings or submit their applications.

The chatbot takes over the pre-screening of candidates, asks first questions, collects information and documents of the applicants. This information will then be prepared, structured and forwarded to the recruitment/HR department or stored in the Talent Management System.
Our chatbot supports your recruitment department in sourcing, screening and messaging. 80% of the top-of-funnel recruitment activities could be covered by the virtual assistant. All activities in real-time, 24/7, multilingual and without restrictions regarding the volume of requests.

You'll save time, money and offer your candidates a new, innovative user experience.

Individually tailored exactly to your needs and unlimited possibilities.

The mentioned features are just a selection. The possibilities of using our virtual assistant are limitless. We are happy to present our chatbot and speak about your requirements in a personal conversation.


Choose the annual payment option and save two monthly payments per year.

HR Chatbot for Employees

  • Messenger technology with +1.2 billion monthly users
  • Chatbot AI answers user requests
  • Processing text, images, audio and video informationen
  • Languages: English & German
  • Password protected chatbot only for internal use
  • Ordering documents
  • Notification of changes (address etc.)
  • Sickness and accident notification
  • Contact HR department:
    Send a message, make a call, start a live chat
  • Scheduling meetings with HR
  • Expenses and timekeeping
  • Employee surveys
  • Answering FAQs
  • monthly or annual on request

Recruitment Chatbot for Candidates

  • Messenger technology with +1.2 billion monthly users
  • Chatbot AI answers user requests
  • Processing text, images, audio and video informationen
  • Languages: English & German
  • Answering simple questions about the company
  • Registering for newsletters / job mailings
  • Receiving applications
  • Pre-screening of candidates
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Preparation of structured information for the recruitment team
  • monthly or annual on request

Setup & Customization

  • Individual customization and chatbot setup
  • Integration into business processes and work flows
  • Implementation of interfaces to internal systems and tools
  • per hour according to agreed hourly rate

*all prices excluding VAT

Start today with your interactive HR and Talent Manager!

Latest chatbot technology; processing of text, images, video, audio and documents; integration into you HR and recruitment processes

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